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Reach potential readers across more digital channels. Get book information to your audience wherever they are.


Avoid wasting time on manual inputting and re-inputting of data. Free up your team to do what they do best.


Let your imprints get creative to their heart's desire. Ensure your digital footprint maintains a consistent spine.

What is BookEngine?

BookEngine is a title manipulation and distribution engine.

Most publishers can push their book metadata to Amazon and other external sources. The challenge comes when pushing that information to their own sites. Until now, this ‘downstream’ metadata management has often been such a pain that it gets ignored.

BookEngine ingests your canonical feed, whether ONIX or other format. It modifies and augments the data as specified. Then it pushes the data to your imprint, author and topic sites - and to Facebook, Shopify and beyond!

BookEngine is a managed service. You don't need to install or maintain any software.

Reach customers

As audiences spread across more platforms, catalogue information needs to be disseminated more widely. BookEngine makes this happen seamlessly. For example, BookEngine can populate Facebook Dynamic Products Ads so that visitors to your website are retargeted with relevant content on Facebook.

FB feed example


  • Ingest book data from your ONIX feed. (Works with ONIX 2.1 and 3)
  • Push data to multiple Content Management Systems and ecommerce sites.
  • Earmark books to be sent to specific sites by imprint or category.
  • Override: replace data from ONIX feed on a persistent basis.
  • Amend BISAC, BIC or Thema codes to make categories better fit the situation.
  • Append PDFs or extra digital downloads.
  • Add high-definition cover images and photography.
  • Specify special prices or bulk deals.
  • Set master: digital or physical copy.

Strategy and implementation

Technology is only part of the answer. Mint Digital, the team behind BookEngine, have many years experience working with publishers to streamline web operations, improve information flow and drive online commerciality. Our team will work with you to plan a BookEngine project, provide technical implementation and then ongoing support.

The BookEngine dataflow

Propel your data further

ONIX data flow

Easy administration

The BookEngine admin lets you check ingestion status, add overrides and specify where your data is sent.

Web App sample

BookEngine Clients

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